Nice hair lives here. 

Network. Inspiration. Community. Education. 


Everyone deserves Nice Hair. Nice Hair is inclusive, not exclusive. 


Nice Hair has a home. This means you have a home- the home of a trusted friend. Let our home welcome you with open arms and help you feel more like yourself. Nice Hair is not exclusive, it is inclusive, meaning you include us in your journey.  

Nice Hair's journey began as a gathering of local hairdressers, with the goal of sharing our craft, knowledge, and inspiration with one another. Our intention has always been to support and grow each individual hairdresser in our community, because when one grows, we all grow. We have a commitment to expanding our knowledge and skill in an approachable way. We find friendliness and kindness to be our greatest teachers.    

Please join us!  


If you might like to treat yourself to Nice Hair, Salon Services are listed below. Online Booking Appointment request link right here.


Learn about our committment to Sustainability or brush up on our New Salon Policies!


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Phone & Email

(414) 522-0236

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920 S Second St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204



Sunday- closed

Monday- Education events

Tues- 9am- 8pm

Wed- 9am-8pm

Thurs- 9am-8pm

Fri- 9am-5pm

Sat- 9am- 4pm




Salon Services 

We are a hair salon! While we enjoy all aspects of hair, not all team members perform every single service. We support their choice to specialize in the services they find most passion in. We hope that you will appreciate their specialties as much as we do.


30 minute Consultation:  

Complimentary, one on one time with a pro to talk about ideas, options, goals, and pricing. Bring photos that you like and ones you dislike! We have your best interests in mind. 



 $40-75 depending on your stylist.  

All haircuts include a wash and style, depending on your hair's needs.

Higher priced stylists have more years in the industry, more education they have completed, and specialize 


New Client Haircolor:  

Color quotes are very personal. There are many techniques and artistic talents that go into every color. Root retouches are a whole different animal than corrective-blonde-balayage services. Don't worry about what to ask for, just ask for color and let us worry about the techniques. Please contact us for a more in depth Consultation and price specific to your hair, budget, and desires!  


Returning Client Haircolor:

Welcome back! Your hairdresser will have a plan for you and we can book accordingly.


Wash and Blowout:

 $40 and up.  

Let someone else hug your brain for a less thing for you to do!


Special Occasion Hair:

 $75 and up.

We love sharing in special occasions! This might be a wash, dry, and curls. It also might mean a braid or upstyle. If you are planning a wedding, Congratulations! Wedding planning is more detailed and you should have a helpful person focused on your needs. Email for Wedding consultations.  



Yes! We have a few stylists that specialize in extensions! This will require an in-person consultation. 


Facial Waxing:

$12-15, depending on needs. 

Sure, we'll remove all that hair!  



****Request an Appointment

via phone or text: 414-522-0236

via email:

via Online Booking request link


 Kate Kent  Salon Owner. Razorcuts.  Hairy Godmother.

Kate Kent

Salon Owner. Razorcuts.

Hairy Godmother.

 Christine Hein  Educator. Cut/Style.  Joyful Wordsmith.   

Christine Hein

Educator. Cut/Style.

Joyful Wordsmith.


 Noel Ray  Intricate Color. Minimalist Styles.  Purveyor of Good Vibes.

Noel Ray

Intricate Color. Minimalist Styles.

Purveyor of Good Vibes.

 Dolores 'Mimi' Manion  Hair Painter. Cutting Specialist.  Dream Chaser.

Dolores 'Mimi' Manion

Hair Painter. Cutting Specialist.

Dream Chaser.

 Addie Suhaysik  Curly Cuts. Color.  Derby Athlete.

Addie Suhaysik

Curly Cuts. Color.

Derby Athlete.

 Keely Dooley  Blonding. Color.   Personal Shopper. 

Keely Dooley

Blonding. Color. 

Personal Shopper. 

 Shannon Mortl  Blonding. Vivids.   Cat Lover. 

Shannon Mortl

Blonding. Vivids. 

Cat Lover. 

 Jaime Ryan  Sun-Kissed Color. Beach Waves.  Dog Mom.

Jaime Ryan

Sun-Kissed Color. Beach Waves.

Dog Mom.

 Emily Madrzak  Bridal Styling. Color.   Disney Princess.

Emily Madrzak

Bridal Styling. Color. 

Disney Princess.

 Daisy Arciga  New Talent!

Daisy Arciga

New Talent!

 Kat Mueller  New Talent! 

Kat Mueller

New Talent! 

 Nora Hartzell  New to Nice Hair!! 

Nora Hartzell

New to Nice Hair!! 



It is our responsibility to be forward thinking regarding the waste we create, how we dispose of it, and what companies we partner with.  


The Beauty Industry alone creates over 420,000 pounds of landfill waste per DAY!  Not Nice.  


Green Circle Salons has allowed us to reduce a significant amount of our landfill waste.  85-95% of our typical landfill waste is diverted because of our partnership.  Your extra haircolor, foils used, and even your hair is repurposed!  


An Eco-Sustainability fee of $1-2 is added onto all haircut and color services.  We ask this so that you can proudly share in the repurposing of your own waste.  How beautiful is that?  Without you and your contribution, imagine how many bags of landfill trash we would accumulate?


We proudly carry product brands that are all Cruelty-Free, Eco-Conscious, and are high performing.



Kevin Murphy


Hairdresser Education

All Education events will take place on Mondays, unless otherwise noted. 


September 10- Conquering Color Corrections with Amanda Olivares - 9am-3pm. $75.  For more information and to sign up click here.

October 1- The Money Tree- organizing, growing, and being smart about finances.  10am-12pm. $40.  For More Information and to Sign Up click Here.

November 5- TBD

December 3- TBD


Open Studio

We find that sometimes working around other creative professionals is more valuable than a formal class. Please utilize our space, lighting, and team. Create cuts, color, and styles that push your limits. Receive constructive feedback from others.  Collaborate.  Limited space available.


Nice Hair: Open Studio is a $20 reservation fee for 2 hours. $5 per hour beyond 2 hours. 

Additional fees for backbar/color costs can be negotiated prior to studio date.  

To reserve: email


September 17- 9:00-2:00

October 22- 4:00-8:00

November 19- 4:00-8:00


Salon Policies

Your appointment is very important to us at Nice Hair. It is reserved especially for you!  All the hair that we do is completely customized and personal to each client.  It's hand-crafted!  Our Policies protect our stylists' time and also allows us to alert our standby clients of any surprise openings.  We always understand when unforseen circumstances arise.  We sincerely appreciate your respect for both your stylists and your fellow clients!  Thank you!


*We respectfully ask that all appointment changes be made within 48 hours.  

*Last-minute Cancellations or Changes, and No-Shows will be asked to Prepay  (100% deposit)  for their next service to secure their desired time.  

*All New Haircolor clients are asked to schedule a New Client Color Consultation to determine service, time, and price.

*Services requiring 3 hours or more will be asked to pay a Non-Refundable $100 Deposit, to be used towards final service.  This protects your time and the time of your stylist.  48 hour cancellation/reschedule/no-show policy still applies.  Your deposit will be forfeited if changes are made within the 48 hour policy range.  

*Product Return- Products with 2/3 product remaining can be returned within 30 days from purchase for In-Store Credit.  


"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay."

-the Dalai Lama

Visit Us Soon!   

Nice Hair 

920 S 2nd St. Milwaukee, WI 53204  


Salon appointments by phone, online request, email or in person.

ph:  (414) 522-0236



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