It is our responsibility to be forward thinking regarding the waste we create, how we dispose of it, and what companies we partner with.  


The Beauty Industry alone creates over 420,000 pounds of landfill waste per DAY!  Not Nice.  


Green Circle Salons has allowed us to reduce a significant amount of our landfill waste.  85-95% of our typical landfill waste is diverted because of our partnership.  Your extra haircolor, foils used, and even your hair is repurposed!  


An Eco-Sustainability fee of $1-2 is added onto all haircut and color services.  We ask this so that you can proudly share in the repurposing of your own waste.  How beautiful is that?  Without you and your contribution, imagine how many bags of landfill trash we would accumulate?


We proudly carry product brands that are all Cruelty-Free, Eco-Conscious, and are high performing.



Kevin Murphy